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5 pages of extensive feedback on your script and suggestions on how to improve its story, structure, characters, formatting and dialogue which get your screenplay in the best possible shape it can be. Think of me like a trainer, but for screenplays.


Coverage can be provided either with a minimum of five pages of notes or on-page sticky notes (PDF only). Read more about that here.

My script analysis gets right to the core of what’s working in your screenplay and, most importantly, how I can help you fix what’s not working. If you’re all in and ready to go, you can order by clicking the lovely button below this post.

Now the coverage part can vary depending on how deep down the rabbit hole you want to go. On average I write a minimum of 5 pages of notes. Any more than that we could work something out. Note that coverage can also be sometimes called analysis or story editing, just to not cause any confusion.

Script Coverage

Read an example of my coverage on my portfolio page.

– Tim