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Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes service involves making extensive scene-by-scene comments directly onto the page of your PDF screenplay. This is done using  Adobe Acrobats note feature and will give you a better insight into what is working and what is not.

Feedback is given not only on how/if individual scenes are working, but also on the concept, story, structure, characters, dialogue, and scene as a whole. I will also make comments on your writing style formatting and errors where applicable. See image below for an example:



This service differs from a Line Edit in that story, character, scene, edit suggestions are made, but with no dialogue or description edits actually done. These are ON THE PAGE notes only.

You can send in a screenplay up to 120 pages in length. (For scripts over that, please contact me first to let me know your count, though a few extra pages isn’t a big deal).

Order below if you’re ready:

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