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With so many script consultancies out there now you have no idea who’ll actually write your screenplay coverage. But through my site it’ll only be me, not some college kid getting paid peanuts.

Pick a service below or take a look at my testimonials page for some feedback from satisfied customers. Thanks again for checking me out!

The services I offer are only what I excel at, so I won’t waste your time and money with things I’m mediocre at just to make a buck.

I do coverage, proofreading, editing and format fixes, loglines writing/re-writing. More details below.


Screenplay Coverage (Basic, Pro, or Premium) – $107 to $247: 5 pages minimum of extensive feedback on your script and suggestions on how to improve its structure, story, formatting, characters and dialogue.  Read more here, or ORDER BELOW now if you’re ready!

Sticky Notes – $97: This is notes directly on the PDF using the Sticky Note feature in Adobe Acrobat. Read more here, or ORDER BELOW now if you’re ready!

Line Edit, Proofread & Formatting – $97: (First FIVE PAGES FREE to see if you like my work). To be clear this is just editing and clean-up for a cosmetic overhaul, NOT a dialogue, character or story edit. I also proofread the script correcting any grammatical,  punctuation and formatting errors. Read more here, or ORDER BELOW now if you’re ready!

Basic Coverage and Edit – $197: Get both services at a bundled discount! ORDER BELOW!

Logline:  Edit your current – $47 | Write you a new one – $57

I do good, clean and honest work.

You can read my testimonials to see the proof of my quality of work.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me on my contact page to discuss it further or to answer any questions you may have. And also to discuss if you want a Short, TV script, or Treatment proofread or need notes please contact me for a price quote.

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Job Options

Turnaround time can be up to 14 days, including weekends, depending on how busy I am.


– Tim